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Buying Peptides in the UK Online

Peptides are big news in the world of bodybuilding and performance sports at the moment. They are used by strength athletes, martial artists and others that need endurance, strength and power, and who need to be able to recover quickly between high load and high volume workouts.

Peptides are chains of amino acids, and they are turned into proteins in the human body. Proteins are used for energy, and to build muscle.  While the average person can get enough protein from eating meats and pulses to support their day to day activity level, those who are engaged in strength sports may find that they need a bit of a helping hand to stay at peak performance.

How do Peptides Work? 

When you eat protein it is broken down in the stomach into its constituent amino acids, and then rebuilt into the things that the body needs. The digestive system is not completely efficient, and the ‘bioavailability’ of proteins can vary. Some of the protein that you eat will go to waste.

When you inject peptides, they go straight into the bloodstream so that they can be used. This means that instead of some protein being wasted, it goes straight to the areas that need it (e.g. your muscles, or injured areas), and you get the full benefit of the peptides.

Some peptides are referred to as peptide hormones because they interact with hormone receptors and have specific jobs within the body. For example, they may trigger the release of Growth Hormone. For certain athletes, taking peptides is a better alternative than supplementing growth hormone because they see it as helping the body to reach its own natural potential, instead of ‘cheating’ by taking synthetic hormones.

Do Peptides Have Side Effects? 

For most people, peptides are well tolerated. There are some potential side effects, though, some of which are relatively innocuous and some of which should be taken very seriously:

Side effects can include: 

  • – Itchy skin or red bumps around the injection site
  • – Water retention
  • – A dry mouth
  • – Numbness and tingling in the extremities
  • – Increased hunger
  • – Faster hair and nail growth
  • – Kidney pain
  • – Elevated blood pressure

If you experience numbness, tingling or water retention, then these are signs that you should reduce the dose you are taking.

If you experience kidney pain or high blood pressure, then you should stop taking peptides and seek advice from a medical professional.

Why Take Peptides? 

Peptides can help you to sleep better, stave off (or in some cases even roll back) the effects of aging, help to heal sports injuries, and also help to improve your athletic performance.

If you are an athlete that trains numerous times per week and is struggling to keep up with an intensive training schedule, then peptides could be the answer. If you have a nagging sports injury and you have not been able to heal it with physiotherapy alone, then peptides are a good supplemental option that could give you the edge you need to repair your body.

Peptides are not steroids. They are also not dietary supplements. In some parts of the world, you need a prescription to buy them. In some parts of the world, they can be bought online without a prescription.

Is Buying Peptides in the UK Legal? 

Peptides are classed as research chemicals. This means that buying peptides in the UK is legal, but that marketing them as something that is to be used for human consumption is not. Peptides are not classed as a drug or a supplement that is approved for sale and should not be marketed as such.

Because peptides are sold ‘for research purposes’, rather than as a supplement, the quality control and regulations are not the same as you would expect for the kind of supplement you would buy in Holland and Barrett.

If you’re a part of a men’s health forum or a bodybuilding forum, then you may have seen people talking about peptides. Often, they will discuss using them for their pets, as a way to avoid any potential issues around discussing their use or sale.

Staying Safe When Buying Peptides in the UK 

If you decide to buy peptides online then you should understand the risks that you are taking. Buying peptides in the UK are not illegal, but you would be doing something that is outside of the norm, and you do not have the same protections that you would if you were buying a more mainstream supplement.

The long-term impact of supplementing peptides is unknown, so those who choose to do it may be taking some risks with their health. In addition, importing from an unknown supplier means that you cannot be certain what you are getting. It is a good idea to practice due diligence at all times and to make sure that you understand exactly what you are taking. Read reviews, discuss your options with fellow bodybuilders and strength athletes, and find a supplier that has good ratings and that has been around for a long time. Buy from a well-known UK peptides seller, not from an online auction site member with a small amount of feedback. This is good advice at the best of times, but it is particularly important with something that is going to be injected into your body.

If you start with a small dose, monitor the effects carefully, and are smart with storage, refrigeration, hygiene, etc you should find that you enjoy the benefits of the peptides in terms of increased well-being, faster recovery times and more energy.

Peptides are not a wonder drug, and they will not ‘get you ripped’ if you are not working out an eating right. They can, however, be an amazing aid for recovery and health and fitness for someone who is already in good shape. If you’re thinking of trying them, do your homework and start with a small dose. Make sure you drink lots of water to keep your kidneys functioning well and be patient. You can get great results.