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How to use a CBD Vape Pen

Vape pens are becoming increasingly popular among cannabis and hemp consumers. If you are new to vaping and CBD hemp, it may seem a bit overwhelming and may take a bit getting used to at first. Vaping CBD is probably one of the easiest ways to consume this very beneficial health supplement. The device is very portable and easy to carry around, they are very easy to learn how to use, and most are odor free. This supplement has many health and wellness properties which would be very convenient to add into your daily health regime.

What is a CBD vaping Pen? 

In simple terms, it is like an e-cigarette. They are long and narrow like a pen and will fit very comfortably into your hand. They consist of CBD e-liquid. Some vape pens can differ from each other. We would recommend CBD Life UK Vape Pens for their superior quality and reliability.

The pen consists of: 

    • Battery: This is generally the longest part of the pen and what powers the device.
    • Mouthpiece: This is where the vapour is drawn from and it attaches to the heating chamber.
    • Heating chamber/atomizer: The CBD e-liquid is placed here to be heated until the pen produces a vapour. The battery is attached to the heating chamber.
    • Charger: The charger is generally separate and it is generally in the form of a micro USB stick which charges the vape battery.

The vape pen works by simply heating the liquid up to evaporate and turn it into a vapour. You inhale the vape through the mouthpiece into your lungs. The e-liquid is then absorbed into the blood and then you exhale the rest.

Your CBD dosage  

Choosing which strength of CBD to buy is the first step. There are many factors to consider when determining your CBD dosage and which to choose. This can include health conditions, body weight, and much more. Starting on a lower dose and working your way up in the strength could be a good way of adjusting to the CBD vaping.

Choosing your CBD vape pen   

There are so many different types of CBD vape pens and e liquids on the market. Some devices would be easier to use than others. The simple options available for vaping include disposables, pods, and cartilages. Refillable pens are also available but are slightly more advanced and a bit more cost-effective in the long run.

Storing and Charging the vape pen   

Most vape pens come with a very hand compact case to store your vape pen and cartilages inside. To charge your pen there is a micro USB charger with the pen to charge up your device anytime you may need to use it.


Advantages of vaping CBD   

    • Smoke-Free – Vaping CBD is cleaner and better for your health. There is no ash, combustion, or flame involved.
    • More discreet – They are portable and the vapour they emit is more conspicuous then cannabis smoke.
    • Less odor – During vaping there is no smoke, so less odor is produced, and it also dissipates more quickly than smoke.